Safer Internet Centre Denmark

Safer Internet Centre Denmark (SIC DK) is a partnership between The Media Council for Children and Young People (awareness), Save the Children Denmark (hotline), and Center for Digital Youth Care (helpline). The main task for this Centre is to strengthen children and young people’s media literacy. Furthermore, the partnerships aim is to prevent and combating illegal digital content, and the protection of children through safe digital experiences and environments. The three partners serve different roles in the partnership:

The Media Council for Children and Young People are appointed as the awareness centre with the main task of informing and educating towards a safe and nuanced use of digital technologies. As a knowledge hub and mediator of the newest developments within the area of children and young people’s use of online technologies, SIC DK has established a broad collaboration with representatives from academic institutions, industry, governmental bodies and law enforcement. Moreover, the awareness center provides educational material regarding children and young people’s digital life and media literacy.

Save the Children Denmark upholds the task as a hotline, where anyone can report child sexual abuse material. As a hotline Save the Children Denmark is a part of the worldwide network INHOPE. This network collaborates with other hotlines to take down illegal digital content internationally.

Centre for Digital Youth Care is the helpline that offers online counselling to children and young people in Denmark. As a helpline they aim to answer questions related to children and young people’s digital life. Additionally, the provide counselling and community through their platforms,,, and The platform targets both children, young people and parents, and they communicate through various points, e.g. chat, debate forums and an online letter box.

Advisory Board

The Safer Internet Centre has an advisory board that represents a wide range of stakeholders. The collaboration with national stakeholders is important in the work of SIC DK, just as the SIC DK partners plays an important role in the organizational and political landscape of children and young people’s use of digital technologies in Denmark.

Part of a European Network

Safer Internet Centre Denmark is a national center connected to the EU-program Digital Europe. Under the strategy Better Internet for Kids+ (BIK+) the aim is to carry out a shared European strategy for the prevention and combating digital illegal content.

The strategy is structured around three main pillars:

  1. Safe digital experiences, protecting children from harmful and illegal online content, conduct, and risks and improving their well-being through a safe, age-appropriate digital environment.
  2. Digital empowerment so that children acquire the necessary skills and competences to make informed choices and express themselves in the online environment safely and responsibly.
  3. Active participation, respecting children by giving them a say in the digital environment, with more child-led activities to foster innovative and creative safe digital experiences.

BIK Portal

The BIK portal is an open digital platform for the European Insafe network. Through this portal citizens can gain access to knowledge and materials related to children’s and young people’s digital well-being, across European borders.